Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Why Should You Buy Google Sniper 2.0?

Google Sniper 2.0 is the updated version of the original Google Sniper program. This is a marketing strategy used to leverage the Google Search Engine in order to achieve top rankings for your low competition niche website. Google Sniper was developed by would famous online marketer George Brown.

Who is George Brown?

George Brown developed Google Sniper in order to share his secret strategy on making a full time income online. As an online marketer, George Brown is experienced in promoting other products as an affiliate. He first announced the marketing strategy used in Google Sniper on the well known Warrior Forum. After several critical updates, Google Sniper 2.0 still brings as much success as at the time when was first released.

With Google Sniper 2.0 you learn not only how to get top ranking for your website, but you also learn how to set up your domain and website, how to do search engine optimization, how to choose a profitable niche do keyword research, how to increase your website’s conversion rate, and other fundamental tactics of online marketing. George Brown developed Google Sniper for a single reason, to help people use the leverage potential of Google and other search engines for the purpose creating targeted traffic to a low competition easy to rank niche website. Google Sniper 2.0 provides online marketers with a simple formula that anyone can understand and implement in order to setup sniper websites, get them top ranked on Google, receive increased targeted traffic, and make passive income from selling online ads.

Inside Google Sniper

Google Sniper 2.0 program is great for beginners and internet marketers at all levels. The program trains users in online marketing strategies that are well tested for the best results. And what’s more important, you won’t be able to learn this strategies from any other online marketing program. With Google Sniper 2.0 users get access to the 100 page Google Sniper manual, the Google Sniper e-book, and a total of 25 training videos.

These are  STEP BY STEP tricks, tips and secrets covered by the Google Sniper training that are almost guaranteed to turn your niche website into a cash cow. You will learn how to create sniper sites with minimal setup effort and how to rank them fast.

Some of the topics covered by Google Sniper 2.0 are:

· How to setup effective sniper sites.

· How to improve your search engine rankings.

· How to maximize your conversion rate.

· How to maximize your revenue and profit margins.

Google Sniper system takes advantage of Google’s Adsense program and other affiliate programs like ClickBank.. It is estimated that only Google Adsense program alone pays out nine billion dollars a year to website owners and online marketers. Google Sniper 2.0 provides a step-by-step guide on how to create your own sniper websites, how to place ads on them, how to rank them on top of the search result pages, how to generate traffic and make money through ads and ad sales. Once you setup your websites you can make passive monthly income without hard work.

Benefits of Google Sniper

Google Snipers 2.0 marketing program taps into the billions Google pays out to site owners and bloggers every year. There are many amazing success stories of people who quit their full time jobs and work from home or travel grace of using products such as Google Sniper. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in online marketing, Google Sniper help you learn how to create a website and how to get traffic. Google Sniper is a legitimate online marketing high quality product that works for anyone and delivers real results.

You can try the product risk free for $1 by bringing up the main page and then attempting to exit the page. Once the offer for the $1 7 day trial pops up, stay on the page and sign up! Now, there are two options once you sign up.  Everything is free for the first 7 days. The first option is a one time fee after the trial period end and gives you access to just the PDF file, I personally have the reoccurring membership because I saw so much value in the training videos and training.  I recommend you sign up for the reoccurring membership.

Keep it for at least one month until you learn everything and then cancel if you do not need it anymore. Online passive income is a great choice to make money on the internet without spending much time and efforts. If you are new to online passive income, then Google Sniper 2.0 is a good way to start it. There are many positive reviews and testimonials from users of Google Sniper 2.0 and you can trust that is a reliable and efficient online marketing tool. The reason for the popularity and notorious success of the Google Sniper 2.0 product is how fast it is to get your websites to be top ranked on the front page of Google search result by using this strategy.

The basic formula of the Google Sniper 2.0 consists in selecting specific keywords by using the exact matched domains that can become an authority for the respective keywords, niche, or category. The exact match domains are proved to rank extremely well, especially on Google search engine. George Brown is using Google Sniper 2.0 in order to setup niche or “sniper” sites. You merely need to get a domain and hosting, install WordPress, choose a keyword and write an article about that topic, then add your link affiliations within the article. In just a matter of days you could see your website on top ranking in Google.

How Do I choose a Niche?

There are a ton of good YouTube videos are resources online that teach you how to choose a Niche, Step by Step. The guidance in Google Sniper explains how to do this as well. If you need more guidance do a google search for how to choose a profitable Niche. You can also learn how to create a niche and develop your own product with my FREE bonus product creation course

How Do I Choose High Traffic Low Competition Key Words?

Google Sniper 2.0 will teach you several ways to do this. I personally use Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai.  Again, YouTube has a lot of great videos on how to do this as well. Traffic Travis is another great Free Keyword Tool that also allows you to analyze the backlinks on your website and show you how well you are ranking for your chosen keywords. It also allows you to spy on your competitors and perform keyword searches. I highly recommend downloading this one.

Once I Build a Sniper Site How Do I Unique Content (Articles) If I Am Not A Good Writer?

Well it really does not matter if you are a great writer or not, the key is providing unique high quality content.  You could be a great writer and just be too busy to write articles about your niche. So what do you do? Outsource the work.  I use IWriter for almost EVERYTHING! You can get articles written for as cheap as $1.25. I personally use the premium writers and start with 5 articles with at least 1000 words. Once you have had a couple articles written you will find a great writer you like and you can hire them for all of your work.

How long does it take to Rank?

To be honest, I owned all three websites mentioned about a year except CPA Affiliate Success (Only 5 Months), but I had not ever tried to SEO Optimize them until about a month ago. I followed the step by step guidance taught in Google Sniper 2.0 and after I had my sites optimized I started building backlinks and some social bookmarking.  All of a sudden my sites went from not being ranked to the first page. This happened within 2 weeks for all of them.

My Results

My sales for the CPA Affiliate Success Course have gone through the roof.  I have been also getting a ton of sales from the course on Udemy.  I have over 530 Students. I get a TON of Organic for all three websites. I am planning to SEO optimize my other Sniper Sites and Update you all with the results. From the results achieved by other users of the Google Sniper 2.0 program, each sniper site can earn you anywhere from $100 to $900 a month. There mare members of the Google Sniper 2.0 program who earn as much as $10,000 or $30,000 per month passive income from their sniper websites. Track your rankings with prorank tracker review

Bottom line Google Sniper version 2.0 is a well established online marketing program that already has proved its efficiency in creating passive income. Among the pros to this product is that is affordable and it comes with a risk free policy of 30 day 100 percent user satisfaction guarantee. The product is well designed and extremely detailed, which made it a good choice for beginners. You don’t need website building knowledge or HTML coding in order to use this tool. Other users of Google Sniper 2.0 already make a lot of money in passive income every month and there are many positive reviews, success stories and testimonials for this product. You can also take advantage of this great online marketing product. Of course, in order to achieve success you will need to commit some time and efforts in the first few months, before you can start earning regular passive income.

 How Has Google Sniper Personally Helped Me?

1. I am currently ranking Page 1 Position 2 of Google, Position 1 of Yahoo and Position 1 of Bing for keywords CPA Affiliate Success, I am also ranked for CPA Marketing for Beginners on the first page of google and first pages (position 1) of Yahoo and Bing.  The Udemy course link you see advertised is my course there as well. I am also ranking for CPA Affiliate Success Review on the first page in all three search engines mentioned above.

2. I am currently ranking Page 1 Position 2 of Google, Position 1 and 2 in Yahoo and Bing for my social media marketing website Key Words Get Social Exposure.

3. I am currently ranking on Google page 2 for relationship blog Couple’s Skills and page one on Yahoo and Bing. Keywords Couples Skills and Couple’s Skills

Here is an example of a new sniper site I recently started working on http://DressForWedding.Org. Yes I am aware it says the article are posted by Amy Littlejohn. I figured no one wanted to read wedding dress advice from a man hahaha.


There are a lot of ways to make money online, but often we get confused if there is not an experienced expert taking us by the hand and giving us a blue print. And this is exactly what Google Sniper 2.o does for you.

Sign up today and starting exposing Google’s Search Engine with your Google Sniper Site! Feel free to respond here with any questions! I look forward to hearing from you.  You can sign up for Google Sniper 2.0 using the link below. Sign Up Here

Or check out the